The International Protective Security Board is an independent, volunteer organization devoted to promoting the protection industry's interests and professionalization.


We work for and with all sectors in the protective security industry:

  • Executive/Corporate
  • High-Threat/PSD
  • Faith-Based Organizations
  • High Net-Worth/Estate
  • Celebrity/Entertainment
  • Government/Dignitary

The International Protective Security Board was established in early 2016 as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

All donations to the International Protective Security Board will be considered charitable contributions and will be tax deductible.

Our Mission

  • Facilitate the development and awareness of professional standards and best practices for the Protective Security industry.
  • Offer and/or facilitate Protective Security professional development and continuing education.
  • Promote the Protective Security industry with existing and future markets.
  • Research and educate the Protective Security industry and its practices.

The IPSB Board

Founded in early 2016 by a group of industry leaders, the IPSB's mission is to promote the evolution of the Executive Protection profession.

Founding & Former Board Members

Filippo Marino

Fonda Gomez, Secretary of the Board, Treasurer

Fonda Gomez has been involved in the security industry for 25 years. She began her career in 1996 with Executive Security International, Ltd, where she is the Vice President as well as the Director of Operations. Fonda has a degree in Security/Security Mgmt. and is a Certified Protection Specialist (CPS).

She has been a staff instructor for ESI as well as having had the opportunity to serve on several different boards including; the ESI Board of Directors, and ESI Alumni Association as the Executive Director, where she was the driving force behind the annual Executive Protection Conference. Fonda is also involved in the Mesa County Women’s Network, Horizon Drive Business District as well as volunteer work for various non-profit organizations and is an active member of Club 20. She is a native of Colorado where she returned after having spent several years living throughout the country with the U.S. military.

You can contact Fonda at

Jerry Heying - Founding Member

Jerry Heying has more than 35 years of private security and personal protection experience. Beginning in 1977, Jerry Heying managed a security department of a high-rise building and entertainment facility in mid-town Manhattan that was active with international dignitaries and celebrities. He was a team member of a large high threat personal protection team for a private family for more than 8 years. In l989, Jerry Heying founded the International Protection Group, LLC, and the International Protective Service Agency; both licensed in multiple states as security and investigation companies that specialize in special event security, investigations, and personal protection. Jerry Heying owns and operates the Executive Protection Institute (EPI) since 2009 and has been an EPI Instructor since graduating at EPI in 1996.

Jerry Heying has extensive experience in operational planning and coordinating major events both domestically and internationally and has a full range of experience with protective details as a team member, shift and detail leader, and performing advance preparations for private families, entertainers, business and religious leaders on a worldwide basis and has worked protective details and special events in more than 50 countries.

Jerry Heying obtained his Certified Protection Professional credential (CPP) from ASIS International and has been a member since 1979. He is the past Chair of the Fire and Life Safety Council and current member and is also a member of the ASIS Executive Protection Council. He is a Certified Security Trainer (CST) from the Academy of Security Educators and Trainers (ASET), a Certified Anti-Terrorist Specialist (CAS), a certified security driving instructor, and an NRA, New York, and Virginia State Certified General Topics and Firearms Instructor and has attended numerous law enforcement and security training courses over 35 years. Jerry Heying is a graduate of the Executive Protection Institute and a member of the Nine Lives Associates and is the President of the Academy of Security Educators and Trainers.

You can contact Jerry at

Kristin Lenardson - Founding Member

With over 17 years as a private and public sector Intelligence Analyst, Kristin Lenardson strongly believes risk-based analysis and proactive intelligence directly affect the security of any organization. Kristin's experience with multiple Fortune 500 companies includes creating and managing change at all levels of intelligence, executive protection, and traditional physical security programs.

As an Intelligence Analyst with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Kristin concentrated on combating terrorism, public corruption, violent crime, transnational criminal networks, and white-collar corruption. She has trained law enforcement and intelligence officers from Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Canada via the FBI’s Central American Intelligence Program (CAIP). Additionally, Kristin provided joint-operational support to the FBI, the United States Government, and Coalition Forces during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Earning her degree in Criminology from Valparaiso University, Kristin is also a graduate of the Kellogg School of Risk Management, International Security Management Association’s (ISMA) Senior Executive Leadership Program and the Executive Protection Institute. She is a member of, and volunteers on, several professional groups within the security and intelligence industries.

You can contact Kristin at

Charles (Chuck) Randolph - Founding Member, President

Twenty-two plus years of experience in the protective security industry and over 25 years as a military officer has uniquely qualified Chuck to take on a typical day’s work of planning, strategic development, tactical deployment, and management of globally sized security and risk management teams. Having previously been the Director of Operations for a protective security company with Fortune 500 clients, Chuck has the experience and insight needed to provide top-level protective, risk and intelligence leadership, and the business acumen for corporate budgets and fiscal matters. He is responsible for the Executive Protection Unit, Event Risk Management Team and an Intelligence Group for a large multinational corporation – globally placed teams that produce critical data on which the enterprise relies for making decisions.

Since joining the corporate world in 2000, Chuck has taken on ever-increasing responsibilities and expanded the scope of the services and assets his teams provide to the enterprise. Under his leadership, he has transformed his groups’ function beyond their traditional roles, to that of a strategic enabler.

Along with a corporate career, Chuck is a military officer with over 25 years of service. Like many others in today’s reserve, he has served in numerous overseas contingencies. As well as operations in the Pacific Theater, Chuck has served as an embedded troop trainer and combat advisor for the Afghan National Army in the lead up to that country’s first election. Operating in austere and asymmetric environments, Chuck served with distinction and has received multiple decorations, once with valor. A Lieutenant Colonel, Chuck is currently the Executive Officer (Group XO) for a Theater Information Operations Group (TIOG).

Chuck holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Political Science with minor degrees in Public Relations and Military Science from Ball State University in Indiana. He is a founding member of the Corporate Protection Leadership Council (CPLC), is both published and a noted speaker on Executive Protection, Risk and Intelligence Management. He is an avid reader, martial artist, functional fitness wannabe and runner.

You can contact Check at

Chuck Tobin, Vice President

As the President of AT-RISK International, LLC for more than 13 years, Chuck Tobin brings his over 27 years of experience in the industry and his values towards quality and dedication to the services provided. Through his background and expertise, Mr. Tobin has created a strong team of industry professionals with a vast network of resources.

During 2007 and 2008 Mr. Tobin served as the National Director of Security for the Hillary Clinton for President Campaign, securing facilities and events throughout every state in the nation, as well as managing a variety of direct and indirect threats to the candidate. He has also served as a security consultant to a Greek political party and its leader George Papandreou, as well as protected and consulted with several other international political candidates. Mr. Tobin has provided protective and investigative services to clients globally as well as conducting training for transition forces, protection teams, and investigators from Beijing to Washington, DC.

Mr. Tobin is currently the President for the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals (ATAP) and directs the organization's growth and development. Mr. Tobin oversees various ATAP programs to include international education and relationship development, standards development, and organizational resilience. He is currently a Certified Threat Manager through the Association.

Prior to establishing AT-RISK, Mr. Tobin was the Managing Director of Training for Vance International’s Education and Training Team, overseeing all internal and external training programs. His responsibilities included curriculum development and implementation of programs for their uniformed division and executive protection programs.

Mr. Tobin established himself early in volunteer capacities by obtaining his Eagle Scout from the Boy Scouts of America. Since then he has continued to volunteer in various religious and political capacities as well as contributing and competing in events to fight leukemia and cancer.

You can contact Chuck at

Brian M. Leek

Brian Leek is chief executive officer of FAM International Security, Inc. Since 1997, multinational corporations, governments, and at-risk individuals have called on FAM for specialized security solutions in more than 116 countries. Under Brian’s leadership, FAM has built a reputation for delivering consistently high-quality protection services.

During nearly 30 years in the industry, Brian himself has provided protection services at the highest level. He was responsible for the personal security of members of the royal families of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Kuwait. He has personally performed security operations in more than 50 countries and has traveled extensively to Europe, South America, and the Middle East on assignment. He has also directed personal protection efforts for foreign dignitaries, celebrities, and the top officers of major multinational corporations.

Brian has authored several articles for security industry publications on executive protection, including the training and deployment of protection teams. Brian is in the process of authoring his first book, with a release date of later in 2019.

Brian has volunteered with Wounded Warrior project and is an avid sponsor of MADD.

A native of England, Brian was associated with a high-profile protection company based in London before moving to the United States in 1994.

You can contact Brian at

Matthew Spring, Sergeant at Arms

Matt is an accomplished security practitioner with twenty-five years of diverse experience gained in law enforcement and the private security industry. He has coordinated and managed large-scale protection details consisting of multiple agents, conducted numerous security assessments, and trained private and public sector personnel in protective operations and personal safety. As Director of GardaWorld’s Executive Protection Services, he oversees all protective operations, manages physical and personnel security audits, coordinates threat assessment programs for clients, and directs all EP Training programs as Lead Instructor.

Prior to his work at GARDA, Mr. Spring has planned and led high-risk operations for members of royal families, foreign dignitaries, U.S. military leaders and politicians, corporate CEOs and executives, celebrities, and witnesses under threat.

Prior to his work in corporate protection and private security, Mr. Spring served in the Arlington County, Virginia Police Department as a Patrol Officer, as a Tactical Agent in the Special Operations Division, and as a Narcotics Investigator in the Vice Control Unit. As part of his duties, he served as a liaison with the Drug Enforcement Administration, Federal Bureau of Investigation, and U.S. Secret Service, as well as state and local law enforcement agencies.

Mr. Spring’s specialized training includes: U.S. Secret Service High-Risk Protective Operations Course for Law Enforcement Officers, certified ASO in the ASOP Federal Air Marshals Program, VA DCJS Personal Protection Specialist and Private Investigator Certifications, Texas Personal Protection Officer Certified Agent, NRA Personal Security Instructor, and BSR Counter-Terrorist Driving Instructor.

You can contact Matt at

Shane Steward, Secretary

Shane’s professional career spans more than twenty-seven years of law enforcement and corporate security experience. He attended Texas A&M and Sam Houston State University, receiving a B.S in Law Enforcement and Police Science.

Shane spent 15 years in Law Enforcement; initially as a police officer, detective, tactical operator and Sergeant in West Texas, and then as a Special Agent for the United States Secret Service performing investigative, protective detail and Counter Assault operations domestically and internationally for Presidents, Vice Presidents and Foreign Heads of State.

Shane joined the corporate world in 2006, taking a role as a security advisor for a Fortune 50 company. He is currently a global security manager responsible for executive protection. His team is responsible for personal and professional security for senior leadership involving travel domestically and internationally for all threat environments. He is also a member of the Corporate Protection Leadership Council.

You can contact Shane at

Chris Story

Mr. Story has over 25 years of experience managing, conducting, and consulting in protective security and intelligence operations. He is a senior protective operations leader and consultant in standard and non-standard protective security operations in permissive, semi-permissive, and high-risk environments with an extensive operational background in domestic/international arenas.

He spent 3.5 years in Iraq and 4.5 years in Afghanistan in various protective roles and has evaluated security programs for High Net Worth Individuals, corporations, and governments for security and effectiveness. He has developed protective operations programs for those segments using risk-based intelligence-driven protection strategies, techniques, and technology.

Chris has helped develop and deliver basic and advanced executive protection, surveillance detection, and high-risk protection courses for US government agencies, US military, foreign military, law enforcement, and civilians. He has instructed executive protection, covert protection, surveillance detection, high-risk protection, firearms, tactics, driving (on and off-road), and motorcycle riding for some of the top schools in the nation.

Mr. Story holds a BA in Security Management from American Military University, an MA in Management and Leadership from Liberty University, and an MBA from Keller School of Management. He proudly served for 14 years in the US Army as a Ranger, Counterintelligence Agent, and Infantryman. He has experience from multiple specialized training courses from the U.S Army and other civilian organizations.

Taking a lead role in the Executive Protection professional field, Chris co-hosts a popular podcast called Conversations in Close Protection, was recently elected to the International Protective Security Board, and is an ASIS member.

You can contact Chris at

Eric Powell

Eric Powell is the Chief Security Officer for a Private Family Office in Silicon Valley. His team is responsible for the personal safety and security of his principals and family members, as well as the safety and security of their employees, personal business interests, and various assets located around the world. Eric is also co-founder and President of Accordant Global Partners, a consulting firm specializing in private family offices. He and his team assist UHNW families with all aspects of safety and security planning and operations for themselves, their offices, and their assets.

Eric spent 23 years with the US Government, serving in various agencies such as the US Secret Service, Air Force Office of Special Investigations, Naval Criminal Investigative Service, and Department of Homeland Security. His roles have included counterintelligence collections, counterespionage operations, criminal investigations, protective services, and polygraph examinations.

After leaving the US Government, Eric spent several years in corporate security and executive protection with Google, serving as the Protective Services Manager and the Regional Security Manager for the Asia Pacific and Latin America (APLA), for Google.

Eric has a bachelor’s degree in government and politics from the University of Maryland and a master’s degree in forensic psychology from Argosy University.

You can contact Eric at

Bob Duggan - Founding Member (Former)

1973 through 1983, Bob Duggan was a Co-Founder of the Aspen Academy of Martial Arts that invited renowned teachers of many martial art forms to teach at the Academy: Dan Inosanto and Richard Bustillio, Toichi Tohei, Marshal Ho, Joo Bang Lee and a host of exponents of the Asian fighting arts. In the later years, Mr. Duggan served as Director of the Aspen Academy, whereby he recruited and supervised instructors for various Asian disciplines, facilitated logistics, city and county permits, and itinerary for the Academy staff and programs.

In 1980, following several years observing a turbulent Mexico, and at the urging of a member of one of the targeted families in Monterrey, Mexico, Mr. Duggan Founded and became President of Executive Security International Ltd, (ESI). For most of the first three decades, Mr. Duggan designed the core training programs of a combined correspondent-practical curriculum that consisted of nearly 2,000 hours of training in Executive Protection and Protective Intelligence and Investigation. He directly supervised all instructional and course content, modifying the curriculum in response to student and faculty assessment.

In 1989, Mr. Duggan elevated the academic status of ESI’s Certificate programs to an Associate Degree. He wrote the extensive self-evaluation report and supervised the site visit by the accrediting agency. ESI held Accreditation by the U.S. Department of Education and Colorado Department of Higher Education, Vocational Division for two Associate Degrees of Applied Science in Criminal Justice. With the transition into ESI's 3rd decade, Fonda Delcamp accomplished further approvals by Veterans Administration for 9/11 Veterans in fulltime Residency Programs and our On-Line Executive Protection Program.

During the last decade, Bob Duggan concluded that most of the old protective protocols borrowed from the Secret Service have limited utility in most civilian markets. While the professional Domains of close protection have grown into diverse professional careers, Duggan believes that the private sector lacks the budget resources as well as the level of threat to justify large formations to protect clients at Arms-Length. Consequently, resources need to focus on a different set of skills that stress acute observation of human behavior in large crowds of the public arena. For the past decade, teaching Behavioral Intelligence in the form of Hunting the Predator is Mr. Duggan's crucible.

Bob Duggan believes that Behavioral Intelligence is the 3rd leg of the Protective Intelligence stool, complementing Predictive and Proactive Intelligence. It is around these core concepts that ESI’s instructional program is built. Operations and Surveillance methodologies are an integral component of Hunting the Predator in such a way that all the avenues of approach are under observation, setting the stage for Preemptive Intervention. Failure to build effective Hunting Zones, defaults to reactive skills that almost always fail to interdict the assault.

Filippo Marino - Founding Member (Former)

Over the course of his 25-year international career, Filippo has developed, led or optimized executive protection programs, corporate intelligence departments, and risk mitigation operations as both an adviser and functional leader for some of the world’s largest and most complex organizations. As the founder and managing partner of Tegumen, LLC, he leads Protective Security and Enterprise Risk Intelligence consulting efforts for Fortune 500 clients. In his most recent corporate role, Filippo developed and managed McDonald’s Global Risk Intelligence & Executive Protection operations. He also led the brand’s initiatives and best practices in the areas of Workplace Violence Prevention, Crisis Management, and major events security, including Olympic Games and FIFA World Cup. His career started as an officer of the Italian Army, and he has developed several guidelines and best practices for both protective security practitioners and corporate intelligence analysts, including PROTECT – a third-generation EP operations decision-support framework. Filippo holds a Magna Cum Laude B. A. degree in Behavioral Science and is a frequent speaker at industry events.

Pete Dordal (Former)

Pete Dordal, Jr, is the President of GardaWorld Federal Services (GWFS). He is an accomplished security management professional and business leader with over 35 years of experience gained in the U.S. military, private and public security, the intelligence community and entrepreneurial commercial endeavors. He’s been a senior executive at GardaWorld since 2008, having served in a number of progressive operational and leadership roles.

Pete joined GardaWorld from service with a select US government agency, where he provided highly specialized risk management services supporting the Global War on Terror. Earlier, Pete was the Director of Corporate Security at SPX Corporation, a multi-industrial Fortune 500 company, where he oversaw the security and risk management of 24,000 employees operating in 23 countries. In a dual-role he was also the President of SPX Security & Investigations, a commercial business unit that provided a range of security and investigative services to global corporate customers, the US government and other friendly foreign nations. In 1995, Pete founded The Potomac Group (PG&A), a boutique international security firm he grew to a multi-million dollar business and sold five years later to SPX Corporation.

He entered the private security industry in 1989 with Vance International, the premier executive protection and high-end security consultancy of its time. His professional career began in 1981 with his enlistment in the U.S. Marine Corps, serving eight years in special operations and training.

Pete has a Master’s Degree in Business from the McColl Graduate School of Business, and a degree in Security Administration. He is also a graduate of the Harvard Kennedy School of Government International Security Program. Pete sits on the boards of the International Stability Operations Association (ISOA), Executive Security International (ESI), the Investigative Management Group and the US-Kurdistan Business Council (USKBC).

Christian West - Founding Member (Former)

Christian West founded AS Solution because he couldn’t find an executive protection company he wanted to work for: the kind that replaces cookie-cutter security with a dedication to keeping clients safe – as well as happy and productive – all based on a solid understanding of the principal’s corporate culture and personal preferences.

A hands-on professional who leads from the front, Christian has developed and led protection programs in more than 170 countries for more than 25 years. He has worked all areas of protection from undercover to high-risk, government, corporate, celebrity, and high net worth, and has advised governments on maritime security, large event, and critical infrastructure protection. Christian has served as a close protection agent, team leader, EP specialist, EP manager, and high-level consultant for many Fortune 500 companies and has also directed security efforts for world tours for major artists and the world’s largest IPO..

In addition to his ongoing efforts to professionalize the EP industry through leadership roles in ASIS and the IPSB, Christian is a sought-after EP trainer and security advisor in Europe and the United States. Christian is an active blogger who has written dozens of blogs on executive protection and has co-authored two successful books on executive protection: Corporate Executive Protection: An Introduction for Corporations and Security Professionals (2016) and Public figures, Private Lives: An Introduction to Protective Security for High Net Worth Individuals and Family Offices (2018). In 2017 he founded Asgaard Technologies to bring ProtectionManager to market; ProtectionManager is the world’s first app suite designed exclusively for the executive protection industry.

Christian is the founder and former CEO of AS Solution, one of the world’s leading providers of executive protection and secure transportation services. Since its start in 2003, AS Solution has evolved into a group of companies with more than 600 employees and 14 offices around the world. Christian is also vice president of SOS Security, with which AS Solution merged in 2017..