Conference Tickets

We are exited to announce that tickets for this year’s Close Protection Conference sponsored by the IPSB are now available for purchase online.

Click here to purchase your tickets to this year's conference as well as the 2018 EP Shooting Challenge.

For those heading over to the purchasing page, we have a code that gives you a great rate on your accommodations at the Westgate Hotel. To book hotel rooms please use code, SIPS7R, here.

Hotel rooms pricing starts at $89 (+fees and taxes.)

***2018 Refund Policy***

The IPSB has a 30 day refund policy. Attendees can request refunds up to 30 days before the Close Protection Conference start date on November 29, 2018. The last day to request a refund is October 30, 2018. No exceptions will be made.  

As always, we are working hard on developing this year’s conference and look forward to seeing you later this year!