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Executive Protection – My Evolution from Bodyguard to the C-Suite
October 20, 2016
Close Protection Conference organizers
November 11, 2016

By the Industry ~ For the Industry!

The International Protective Security Board was founded to promote education, ideals and values within the Close Protection Industry.  No longer an additional thought within security the role of the Protective Agent continues to gain importance and value beyond the traditional role.

Our sigil reflects this.

Vigilate (Watching)


Possessing both the body of a lion (King of Land Beasts) and the talons and wings of an Eagle (King of the Air Beasts), the Griffin is recognized as one of the most powerful creatures in mythology.  Its main task was to protect items of great significance and value.

The Griffin portrays the strength, courage and leadership all protectors possess in the performance of their duties.

Semper Discentes (Always Learning)


The protector’s job evolves on many fronts, constantly.  From threats to tactics, we constantly face a battle in which we balance our operational requirements with those of always elevating our intellectual abilities, too.

The scroll illuminates a practitioner’s obligation and dedication to training, studying the arts and forever educating ourselves.

Et Honorem (With Honor)


We are (and must be) above reproach.  Everything we do must be within the optic of our honor.  Our profession is one of the oldest and its foundation is precipitated on trust, integrity within our post.

The Japanese Kanji (meaning honor) stands as a reminder to all within or desiring to enter this profession what our base is made of.

The Close Protection Conference embodies all of this and more.  Choose to be part of the largest gathering of practitioners in the industry and take part of the conversation as we take the industry to the next level.

Join leaders and peers and be part of the conversation.

Your voice matters.