Try Your Hand at our New EP Shooting Challenge

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September 25, 2017
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October 20, 2017


What better way to kick of our annual Close Protection Conference than by letting the networking and camaraderie start a day early in a fun, relaxed and informal environment of a shooting range!

The 2017 EP Shooting Challenge will be organized by Method Enterprises and hosted by the IPSB and Advanced Protection Institute in Boulder City, NV. The event will take place the day before the conference on November 29th, from 7:30am – 2:30pm PST at The Pro Gun Club.

Now we know what you’re all thinking, “what kind of shooting competition is this going to be?” So let’s get into some of the details…

This is an everyday carry/work pistol challenge to make it feel as authentic as we can (Sorry, No Competition Pistols!).

Your holsters should completely cover the trigger guard and be secured along the waistline & strong side (No Cross Drawing, No Shoulder Holsters).

Bring at least 4 magazines, an extra mag holder and around 200 rounds of ammunition.

Be prepared for multiple shooting stages.

Since we want to see who’s really the best, there might be some unexpected challenges to pop-up (isn’t that always the case…) so be ready to give first aid or even upgrade to some heavier arms.

And of course, expect there to be some prizes handed out to the top participants. This year we have a ton of well-known industry sponsors and the prize table will be worth 1000s of $$$!


If you are wishing to join in the challenge but are not able to bring your own firearm, don’t worry we have you covered. There will be 10 Glocks, mags and holsters available for rent through API and ammunition can be purchased at The Pro Gun Club Pro Shop.

After the event we will all gather at the on-site Lounge to enjoy a drink and a cigar…we hope to see you there!

Click here to register for the EP Shooting Challenge.