IPSB Speaker Series: Stevan Bernard

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October 20, 2017
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November 1, 2017

Please join us at the Close Protection Conference (CPC2017) this December for a stellar lineup of speakers, including Stevan Bernard. Mr. Bernard is currently the Executive Vice President for global protection services at an entertainment company based in Los Angeles. His responsibilities include: information security, physical security, investigations and forensics, environment, health and safety, medical, sustainability, global threat management, event and production security, business continuity planning and crisis response. With over 150 offices operating in 50+ countries and production occurring in many more locations, the 24-hour clock never stops.

At CPC2017, Mr. Bernard will address leadership, our collective duty of care as protectors and his worldview going forward. When asked, “What is so important about the Close Protection Community?” Mr. Bernard responded: “The world is riskier today than ever. Historically, we were far better at predictive analysis of risk. Today, incidents are occurring with great frequency and seemingly more often. The bad guys are more innovative and copycats prey on the ideas of another. The closer our community is the better. When it comes to thwarting an incident, we must do more to share information. Protection should not be a competition.”

Mr. Bernard’s experience includes law enforcement and military service. As CSO, he has worked in the energy, food, high-tech and entertainment segments. He has resided overseas, and he’s traveled in 50 countries. Mr. Bernard is active in organizations such as OSAC, DSAC, FBINAA, ACFE (he is a certified fraud examiner), ISMA and ASIS.

What can you expect from Mr. Bernard at the Close Protection Conference? “A little about success and a little about overcoming failure. My perspective on where this is all headed and how we can better align to ensure expectations are met. I will also speak about the importance of knowing yourself and how to optimize your strengths.”

We hope you will join us and Mr. Bernard at CPC2017!