IPSB Speaker Series: Patrick Van Horne
November 22, 2017
World of PSD
November 25, 2017

Last year when we issued our exit survey to conference-goers we discovered that one of the most popular features were our “Tac-Talk” segments. These talks bring industry insiders together to share their knowledge on a range of practical issues that are of importance to security practitioners. Last year’s talks covered a range of topics and even more will be examined this year. We had a chance to sit down with some of this year’s presenters and talk with them about their upcoming presentations. To see the full listing of this year’s talks, please consult the CPC Agenda.

Charles Patterson – Exec Security TSCM

Like many industries, the security industry has had to reform its best practices to keep up with the rapid pace of technological innovation. Threats that wouldn’t have even been considered 10 years ago are now par for the course. For many principals, “protection against electronic surveillance and eavesdropping threats has been a difficult challenge” and an important feature of their security programs. Patterson is correct in saying that “technical and electronic countermeasures are critical to protect [their] information”. In his presentation, Patterson will look at “privacy and information security concerns that are key to the protection of our organizations and principals” along with the “best methods to provide this protection”.

Dan Clark – Clark International

While we all know that sometimes the greatest victory comes from avoiding the battle all together, there are moments where physical force is a necessity. As Dan Clark puts it “realistic combatives and control is critically important because it’s a skill set that every agent should possess”. Join Dan as he discusses some of the most effective techniques and strategies to neutralize risk and keep your client safe.

Joe Lasorsa, Lasorsa & Associates

A lesson that we have all learned one way or another is that success doesn’t happen by luck, and if it does, it likely won’t last. The key to finding success comes from planning and being prepared for whatever might arise. “Planning is the cornerstone of any successful operation” according to Joe Lasorsa. His presentation will offer some great tips on how to more effectively plan and develop a well-tuned security program. Attendees can look forward to a “relevant, dense discussion on current trends as well as a discussion on how to avoid the common pitfalls within operational planning”.

We are grateful to Charles, Dan and Joe as well as Christian West from AS Solution and Gabe Russell of Federal Protective Services for sharing their insight on such important topics. We encourage everyone attending CPC to take part in our “Tac-Talks” and to ask lots of questions!