Are you ready for this year’s Shooting Challenge?

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August 17, 2019
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September 23, 2019

With anticipation building for this year’s Close Protection Conference, we wanted to take a moment to talk about everyone’s favorite networking event, the EP Shooting Challenge. After the success of the past two years, we will be significantly expanding the competition and expect to welcome three times as many participants compared to when we first organized the event.

Taking place the day before the conference begins (Dec. 12), the 2019 EP Shooting Challenge will have 10 newly designed stages that you will need to make your way through. With over $10,000 invested in moving targets and obstacles, participants will be pushed a little harder than they were the last two years. One of the new additions that we are excited about is that participants will be shooting moving steel targets from a vehicle (super fun and not to many opportunities to run these type of drills!). There will also be two ways to compete as the event will feature both open carry and concealed carry divisions. We have a few more surprises in store for you but we will share them with you at the range!

In addition to prizes for the top finishers, contestants can look forward to receiving beverages after each stage and a fully catered lunch. The food will even be on time this year so that you can eat between the rounds! After the dust has settled you are welcome to join us at the Pro Gun Club Lounge for cocktails and cigars.

We recommend bringing at least 4 magazines, magazine pouches, and 300 rounds of ammunition. For those that are unable to bring their own firearms, there will be pistols, mags and holsters available for rent through Method Enterprises after you have purchased your ticket. Since there will only be 15 Glock 19s available to rent this year we suggest reserving your spot early if you plan on renting.

If you are interested in volunteering for the event or would like to sponsor one of the stages please contact us at The first 10 sponsors to secure their position will receive:

-The naming rights to one of the stages.
-Your banner on the stage.
-An ice chest wrapped in your logo with choice of refreshments to keep shooters hydrated and or motivated on the range!
-A table if you want to leave promotional info or product placement!

Sponsorship opportunities are available for $500 but will be limited to ten (10).

To purchase your ticket to the 2019 EP Shooting Challenge CLICK HERE.