Agenda Release!

Mauldin & Rodgers Talk EPSC-2019
October 24, 2019
CPC Keynote Speaker
November 8, 2019
We are just a few months out from the 2019 IPSB Close Protection Conference, the largest gathering of professionals in our industry. The CPC’s goal is to amplify, educate and professionalize the Executive and Close Protection industry.

Putting the conference together is always a herculean effort. Additionally, all the speakers and panelists are volunteers as the IPSB’s motto is by, with, and for the industry. We have a dynamic lineup of educational panels and networking opportunities. Remember the CPC starts on Thursday, December 12th with the EP Shooting Challenge at the Pro Gun Club and continues through Saturday, December 14th, at the Westgate Hotel in Las Vegas, NV.

Highlights for the agenda include:

• CSO Keynote
• Global Intelligence Briefing
• EP Operations in Latin America
• EP Operations in Asia
• Religious Protection Issues
• Protecting Celebrities
• Drones: What you need to know
• Close Protection and the digital threat (CyberCP)
• Go Bags for Natural Disasters: Preparing for you and your principal
• The Business of EP: The Armed Conundrum
• Lessons Learned: Extreme Stalking Case
• Career Mentoring and Advising
• Networking Mixers
• And more….

Want to know more… The Conversations in Close Protection team breaks down and discusses the agenda, HERE.

For a more detailed, visual depiction of the Agenda Click Here