Speaker’s Bio

Chuck Randolph

"The State of the Industry"

Twenty-two plus years of experience in the protective security industry and over 25 years as a military officer has uniquely qualified Chuck to take on a typical day’s work of planning, strategic development, tactical deployment, and management of globally sized security and risk management teams. Having previously been the Director of Operations for a protective security company with Fortune 500 clients, Chuck has the experience and insight needed to provide top-level protective, risk, and intelligence leadership and the business acumen for corporate budgets and fiscal matters. He is responsible for the Executive Protection Unit, Event Risk Management Team, and an Intelligence Group for a large multinational corporation – globally placed teams that produce critical data on which the enterprise relies for making decisions.

Scott Stewart

"Intelligence Briefing"

Scott Stewart is a seasoned protective intelligence practitioner with over 35 years of analytical, investigative, and security experience. Before joining the executive ranks of TorchStone Global, Mr. Stewart led the global analysis of terrorism and security topics at Stratfor from 2004 to 2020. Before his time at Stratfor, Mr. Stewart was the protective intelligence coordinator for Dell and served as a member of Michael Dell’s executive protection team. Mr. Stewart also spent ten years as a special agent with the U.S. Department of State’s Diplomatic Security Service (DSS), where he was involved in many high-profile terrorism and protective intelligence investigations.

Gabrielle Thompson

"Threat Management"

Gabrielle Thompson PI, CPP, is GDBA’s Vice President, Threat Assessment and is a subject matter expert in threat assessment. She has personally assessed and managed thousands of inappropriate pursuit, threats, and harassment cases, including public figure/executive pursuit, workplace violence, and domestic violence. She has developed and overseen threat assessment programs for billionaire executives and public figures and conducts audits of corporate threat assessment programs and policies. Gabrielle is Senior Instructor at GDBA’s Advanced Threat Assessment Academy, and she has trained thousands in private and public settings on threat assessment concepts, including representatives from the federal government, police departments, Fortune 500 companies, educational institutions, and hospitals. In 2021, she was selected as a “Pioneer in Protective Intelligence” by Ontic’s Center for Protective Intelligence.

Janina Lincke

“Mental Resilience in Private Security: Why it Matters and How to Cultivate Self Awareness”

Janina Lincke is a Business Threat Intel Analyst who worked in Close Protection for four years prior to taking time off in corporate security to hone the Protective Intelligence aspect of the job. Janina is part of the ASIS team working to create a new set of Standards and Guidelines for EP in private security, and is an ASIS Young Professionals, now NextGen, committee member in the UK. Between working to achieve a shared vision of excellence in our industry, Janina is also training for an Arctic Expedition in February.

Jim McConnell

“Connecting to the business – Measure your EP Program”

: Jim McConnell is currently a Fellow in Verizon’s Corporate Security Office with his primary responsibility being program management for and protector on the EP/Special Events Security Team. Jim has over 28 years of Corporate Security Experience operating in 15 different countries. Jim mentors transitioning military/LEO and has done pro bono security support to over 350 churches. Jim is also the author new book called Converged Security Metrics.

Patrick Kane

"Foundational Case Studies"

Patrick Kane is Senior Director Security for Atlas Air, a US airline conducting cargo and public/private passenger operations worldwide. He has over 20 years of working in private-sector corporate security, most of that time focusing on international operations and, in particular, the protection of personnel and traveling staff. Before entering the private sector, Patrick served as an infantry officer in the US Marine Corps.

Aaron Mauldin

"Training Considerations"

Aaron Mauldin is the founder of Katalyst Training Group and KTG Consulting. As an internationally recognized thought leader with over 18 years of high-level private sector experience, Aaron offers a singular perspective on the needs and challenges facing corporate executive protection programs. Aaron has extensive experience managing a wide range of international security operations, logistics, procurement, and training projects. He specializes in starting and fixing complex executive security programs, including designing and implementing effective hard and soft-skills sustainment training programs. Aaron's passion for training and unparalleled global network of top-tier instructors empowers KTG to deliver fully customized training solutions to address public and private sector clients, corporations, and family offices' unique needs. Over the last nine years, Aaron has developed and implemented over 500 private-sector training programs worldwide. In 2019 alone, he executed 149 Training Programs in four countries—training over 2,300 agents in the private sector.

Ivor Terret

"Leadership & EP Management"

Ivor is the founder and CEO of Enablement Advisors, a boutique risk management consultancy; he brings three decades of proven risk mitigation and management success at both the tactical and strategic levels. Ivor was selected as an architect, team lead, and instructor for a government covert protection and surveillance detection program and has since supported multinational corporations, UHNW family offices, and others to both operationally and strategically mitigate and manage risks posed to them.

Krisztian Zerkowitz

Amarante Academie

"Why waiting for an ambulance in EP is not a good idea..."

Krisztian has a passion for pre-hospital trauma care in the field of Executive Protection and high-risk environments. Teaching and putting knowledge into practice in the field.

Jeff Zisner

"Avoiding Liability Catastrophes"

Jeff Zisner is an industry and media recognized security expert with nearly 20 years of experience in the security and investigations industry. As the President & CEO, Jeff oversees all facets of AEGIS' security, investigations, training, and consulting operations, and ensures best practices and quality control are adhered to from the top down. His credentials include BSIS Security Instructor, Private Investigator, board certification as a “Certified Protection Professional” by ASIS, and the Commercial Facilities Sector Chief for the Los Angeles Chapter of the FBI's Infragard Members Alliance as well as holding a degree in Business Management from Cal State Northridge. Jeff can still be found managing complex investigations and onboarding new clients when he isn't busy conducting security assessments, managing complex investigations, teaching workplace violence prevention and active shooter preparedness and response training programs, or managing the day-to-day business of his 350+ agent firm.

Bill Peeler

"Mentoring & Reverse Mentoring"

Bill Peeler is the founder and has been the President and CEO of The Peeler Group, Inc. since 1995. Mr. Peeler focuses on providing his clients globally with agile servant leadership coaching, performance management, and reliable methods of protective security. In addition to providing his loyal clients with business value, Mr. Peeler has authored several insightful articles specific to the Protection and Investigation industry. He published several articles in well-recognized industry magazines such as PI Magazine, The Journal of Counterterrorism & Homeland Security International, and Executive Protection and Secure Transportation Magazine. As a former Justice with a background in law enforcement, protective details, and private sector business leadership, he provides a unique purview of the protection industry.

Justin Hanson

"Building High Performance Teams"

Justin Hanson is the founder and CEO of SpecVIP Protection Group Inc. He has over 25 years of experience in the protection industry, including private security, the military, and law enforcement. He has worked as a Dignitary Close Protection Officer for nearly a decade and held multiple leadership positions in intelligence, training, and operations. Justin is a passionate leader and uses his diverse experience to help other protectors, teams, and organizations achieve their highest potential.

Bryan Flannery

Founder and President of Foresight Security Consulting

“Mr. Todd and the Mob – How a reference to pop-culture increased the threat in an exceptional case.”

Bryan Flannery is the Founder and President of Foresight Security Consulting. With over 25 years of experience, Bryan’s unique approach is gained from vast experience in Risk Mitigation, Personal Safety, and in developing Threat Assessment & Management programs. Mr. Flannery is a nearly two decades long member of the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals, and currently serves as President on the board of the NW Chapter.

He is a recipient of both, the Oregon State Sheriff’s Association and Marion County Sheriff’s Office, Medal of Valor, and was most recently recognized by the Ontic Center for Protective Intelligence as a Protective Intelligence “Thought Leader Honoree”.

Joshua Palmer

"Tactical Driving"

Josh is currently the VP of Business Development and US Director for AS3 Driver Training. He has more than 20 years military and private-sector experience that allows him to bring a unique perspective to any situation. His attitude towards training is not solely focused on delivering a high-quality product and providing solutions we all encounter daily, but also lifelong learning and continually sharpening one’s own skills. With a diverse background and willingness to take on new challenges, Josh landed with AS3 in 2018 and enjoys elevating the capabilities of current agents with relevant and complex training. He is passionate about bridging the gap between physics and driving, giving back to the Veteran community and security industry, and the fight against human trafficking.

Jim Morgan

"Diversity within the Security Industry"

Jim brings more than two decades of experience in developing comprehensive security programs and risk mitigation strategies for high-profile individuals, organizations, and large-scale domestic and international events. His experience includes operating in high-risk environments spanning six continents. Before joining Concentric, Jim served more than twenty-four years in the United States Security Service.

Alan Baker

"Tactical Defense Considerations"

Professor Alan Baker is a high-performance coach and an internationally recognized martial arts & self-defense expert. He has over 42 years of continuous experience in the arts. He has been training continuously in the fitness and Martial Arts field since 1981 and teaching professionally since 1990. Sifu Baker is a certified Armed Personal Protection Specialist and the Defensive Tactics Instructor for The Executive Protection Institute in Clarke County, Virginia, where he created a specialized defensive tactics program for Protection Agents (Bodyguards) named Protection Response Tactics. Alan’s Baker Tactical Training & Design Group also teaches a specialized defensive tactics program called Vehicle Centric Defensive Tactics for Vehicle Dynamics Institute in New Jersey.

Pablo Ortiz-Monasterio

“Protection tactics in the most dangerous states of Mexico. Myths that get you killed”

In over 20 years of doing security and protection in Mexico, Pablo has invested his life and professional career into understanding what went wrong; from vehicle engineering to the dynamics of the human mind, to develop a realistic analysis of why some people fail in protecting their principals, and what makes others succeed.

Hector Robles

“Protection tactics in the most dangerous states of Mexico. Myths that get you killed”

Hector Robles is the President for Latin America and VP of Global Operations for FirstCall Corporate Security & Advisory Services (aka Steele International). He is the president of the IFPO Mexico Chapter, a member of ASIS International and ASIS Mexico City Chapter, and the Board of Executive Protection Professionals Working Group. He has 24 years of work experience (18 in security) in international companies such as Airbus Secure Land Communications, GE, Johnson & Johnson, Mer Security Group, and UTC. Hector holds an MBA from the IE Business School (Madrid) and a bachelor's Double Degree in international business and trade from HES Amsterdam and Tec de Monterrey. In terms of security, he holds CPO certification from IFPO and a Diploma in Leadership and Comprehensive Security Management; he has attended courses and workshops related to Intelligence, Executive Protection, and Crisis Management & BCP from recognized institutions and security industry associations in Argentina, Venezuela, USA, and Mexico. Hector is currently studying cybersecurity and cyber defense Diploma from the Anahuac University in Mexico City. Hector has lived and work in countries like Spain, The Netherlands, the UK, Sweden, and Colombia.

Ivan Ivanovich

“Protection tactics in the most dangerous states of Mexico. Myths that get you killed”

Ivan was born in 1973 in the territory of the former Yugoslavia. Nationalized Mexican of Serbian origin. Trained in techniques of urban survival and executive protection in Yugoslavia, Macedonia, and Italy, where he conducted many EP details in high-risk environments during Yugoslavia's Civil War He established his residence in Mexico in 1999. In 2004, he founded the AGS Group, which provided high-level Executive Protection services for international corporations Since 2022 Vice President & Partner in WSO- Worldwide Security Options Ranked among the 100 most influential Private Security professionals in Mexico by the magazine Seguridad en América. Author of the book “Twenty-First Century Executive Protection, the New Doctrine” which ranked first in sales in Amazon Mexico in the ” Business Management” category