The IPSB has established guidelines for the Board of Directors and Close Protection Conference Planning Committee surrounding policies impacting speaker selection. These guidelines are intended to provide a baseline of standard practice, but the Board of Directors may override these guidelines with a quorum vote.

Speaker Honorariums – As a practice, the IPSB does not pay speaker honorariums, however, from time to time the board may elect to pay an honorarium. A majority vote of the board is necessary to approve an honorarium. An honorarium may include fees and travel expenses as a lump sum.

Travel Expenses – The IPSB does not pay travel expenses for speakers unless otherwise approved by the board of directors. The BOD may compensate for roundtrip airfare, one-night hotel, and reasonable meals. If travel expenses are approved, the speaker will make their own reservations. If IPSB is reimbursing a speaker's travel expenses, the speaker must provide receipts for all reimbursable expenses.

Conference Registration – Annual Conference – Speakers, including panel moderators and up to two (2) panelists may be comped event attendance registration in recognition of their contribution to the conference. Additional panelists above 2 (plus the moderator) will be offered a reduced fee equivalent to the “spouse” attendance rate at the event. The determination as to which panelists are comped and which are free is up to the moderator.

Conference Registration – Regional Events – Organizers for regional events may elect to comp or reduce rates for attendees at regional events. This decision is made by the organizers of the regional event with oversight from the Board of Directors.

Use of Logo & Conference Materials – Speakers may use the IPSB Close Protection Conference logo and supporting materials to advertise their participation in the event. Use of the logo and supporting materials may only be used to promote speakership at the event and not in proposals or other marketing materials.”

Cancellation – Should the Speaker cancel participation in the event, any agreed-upon fees for travel expenses or honorariums must be returned. Speaker travel expenses personally incurred are not reimbursable by the IPSB if the Speaker cancels participation in the event.

Permission to Photograph and Record – Speaker and panelist agree that the IPSB may make audio and video recordings of the Speaker’s performance and reutilize these in marketing efforts to include posting in social media and other publications.

Publicity – The IPSB and organizers of the Close Protection Conference and other regional events shall be entitled to publicize the Speaker's participation in the event.

Merchandise – Speakers may offer books and other merchandise for distribution or sale in relation to their speaking engagement, however, unless previously agreed, the IPSB shall not provide a table or personnel to display and manage product distribution.