“It Starts Now.” – Feb 2020 BOD Report out

Interview with Jerry Heying
December 11, 2019


Earlier this month, the board met as part of our regular schedule.  With a sunny backdrop of Ft. Lauderdale, the group was hosted at the FAM International headquarters and accomplished a lot for the (less than) 24 hours we were there.  Although many topics discussed and worked on, here are some key takeaways:

New board executive officers

As part of the life cycle of the board, regular change of duties and responsibilities were voted and agreed upon.  The new officers are:

  • Chuck Randolph – President
  • Chuck Tobin – Vice President
  • Shane Steward – Secretary
  • Fonda Gomez – Treasurer
  • Matt Spring – Sergeant at Arms

Standing Committees

Expanding our organized efforts to encompass future-facing projects as well as ensuring existing ones continue was a main theme of the meeting.  As a result, the board agreed on six working groups (and board advisors) to be cornerstone activities:

  • Membership and Bylaws – Board Advisor – Chuck Tobin/Matt Spring
    • What are the opportunities for involvement of the greater community and how do we ensure our internal guidelines keep pace? 
  • Future State Activities – Board Advisor – Christian West/Chuck Randolph
    • The potential of the industry continues to be high.  As risk continues to morph it allows us opportunities for change and transformation, too. This group will be focused on highlighting those prospects for all.
  • Conference and Agenda – Board Advisors – Kristin Lenardson/Brian Leek
    • Continuing to manage the keystone activity of the industry and ensuring its continued progression is paramount to our mission and vision.  The agenda working group (AWG) will continue to evolve the conference and manage other opportunities for protectors to learn and gather.
  • Communications and Outreach – Board Advisors – Chuck Randolph/Christian West
    • With the opportunities, conversations and learning that happens through the IPSB, it’s more important than ever to keep the message forward and understand the streams which support the industry and our community.
  • Logistics (i.e. hotel, contracts, etc.) – Board Advisor – Fonda Gomez
    • Any protector knows “Administrivia” and logistics are central to ensuring operational success.  The same is true for the IPSB’s events and activities, too.  This group is the center of gravity for those operations.
  • Communities – Board Advisor –Jerry Heying/Shane Steward
    • While only a portion of the overall security industry, the Close Protection community is comprised of many slices and segments.  Defining them and understanding what their specific needs are (as well as how they connect) goes hand-in-hand with the board’s mission and vision.

If you have passion and energy in getting involved in a workgroup, please let the board know!

Standards and guidelines

Born from an effort being led by the ASIS Executive Protection Council, the board has joined in the effort along with the Corporate Executive Protection Council (CEPLC) to help create a template for standards and guidelines.  It’s an important step forward as industry peers and groups are surpassing individual efforts and putting the need to develop a collective framework at the forefront.

Close Protection Conference AAR

As always, we looked back at the conference with pride and a desire to make it better and keep it cost-efficient for the attendees.  We noted some minor improvements and potential new program changes.  As we get closer, there will be more announcements.  All agreed, however, the success of the conference is based on the discussions and involvement that the attendees and volunteers have.  Thank you again to all who attended and gave time!

Stay tuned for a special announcement on the date!

The amount of effort the board puts in is tremendous, but the activities of the IPSB are reflected by those who volunteer their time to promote the professionalization and interests of our industry.  As Fonda so aptly stated at the meeting, “It starts now!” The board remains dedicated to our mission of professionalizing and advancing this amazing industry.  We thank you for doing your part!


Chuck Randolph